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Pitch Counts Link Provided by District 13 -
Coaches use your email address as username and password is fall2017

2017 Fall Ball Teams Announced: Instructional, Minors and Majors teams can use a player pool for the season.
2017 Majors Schedule Released by District 13 August 20, 2017. (See Below) Minors Released August 21, 2017
District 13 Director Brad Heath 847-594-2857 (Call or email if coaches/umpires have questions regarding games/rules).

Email [email protected] to let the league know that a player on a team would like to be designated as a PP this season.
Email: [email protected] to let him know if you need to reschedule umpires for Randall Oaks or Meadowdale if those games are being rescheduled.
Email: [email protected] (Jesse Barrett District 13 umpire head)
Email: [email protected] to let him know if you need concessions opened if games will be rescheduled. Dan Smith-847-909-9179
Team Concession Sheets are Available for Print Here for Meadowdale and Randall Oaks Rec Center Games

*PP denotes player pool on the PP to contact player's parents. If you are a manager of a team and know you will have only 9 players showing up for a game, you can email the parents by clicking the highlighted PP to contact them for their availability. If a manager knows they will only have 7-8 players for a game, they are allowed to email two players in the player pool. Pool players may ONLY pitch for the team they are rostered.  Player pool kids used to sub in a game CANNOT play in all 6 innings. They are NOT allowed to play more than the regular rostered players on the team. If a pool player is put as catcher, they are not allowed to play catcher in the next game if they play the same day (double header.) 


TCLL-Black (Instructional)
Manager/Coach: Legge
Asst. Coach: Bartel

Noah Bartel
Logan Legge
Madden Legge
Hudson Legge
Lucas Terlep
Kaelum Drummond
Dean Leschman
Carson Lohrmann
Nathan Mills
Jason Salas
Parker Toth
Logan Toth
TCLL-Gold (Instructional)
Manager/Coach: Haskins
Asst. Coach: Hitchings
Asst. Coach: Palmer
Cole Haskins
Brayden Hitchings
Marshal Rezendes
Franklin Tepper
Diego Bautista
Gerald Blahnik
Jacob Gutierrez
Evan Sherman
Owen Bauer
Landon Palmer
Alonzo Aguilar
Enzo Pannarale

DateDayTimeVisitorHomeLocation Final Score
8/26Sat9:30Streamwood BombersElgin Classic MarinersWing Park 
8/26Sat9:30Streamwood SlammersTriCities BlackRandall Oaks Field 4(Streamwood wins 8 to 1)
8/26Sat12:00Elgin National BlackElgin Classic MarlinsWing Park 
8/26Sat12:00Streamwood WildcatsTriCities GoldRandall Oaks Field 4 (Streamwood wins 3 to 0)
8/26Sat2:30Elgin National OrangeElgin Classic CubsWing Park 
8/28Mon5:45Elgin National BlackElgin Classic CubsWing Park 
Streamwood BombersTriCities BlackRandall Oaks-Field 3 RESCHEDULED for Meadowdale Friday, Sep 1
8/29Tue5:45Elgin National OrangeElgin Classic MarinersWing Park 
8/29Tue5:45Streamwood SlammersTriCities GoldRandall Oaks-Field 2 (Streamwood wins 3 to 0)
8/30Wed5:45Streamwood WildcatsElgin Classic MarlinsWing Park 
8/30Wed5:45Elgin National BlackTriCities BlackRandall Oaks- Field 3**No Umpire was scheduled for this game
8/31Thu5:45Streamwood BombersElgin Classic CubsWing Park 
8/31Thu5:45Elgin National OrangeTriCities GoldRandall Oaks-Field 2 
9/1-makeup gameFri6:30Streamwood BombersTriCities BlackMeadowdale 
9/5Tue5:45Elgin Classic CubsElgin Classic MarinersWing Park 
9/5Tue5:45TriCities BlackTriCities GoldRandall Oaks-Field 2 
9/5Tue5:45Elgin Classic MarlinsElgin National OrangeElgin National 3 
9/5Tue6:00Streamwood SlammersStreamwood BombersDolphin-Plasky 
9/7Thu6:00Elgin National OrangeStreamwood WildcatsDolphin-Plasky 
9/7Thu6:00Elgin Classic MarinersElgin National BlackElgin National 5 
9/7Thu6:00TriCities BlackStreamwood SlammersDolphin-Stark 
9/9Sat9:30Elgin Classic CubsElgin Classic MarlinsWing Park 
9/9Sat9:30TriCities GoldElgin National BlackElgin National 3 
9/9Sat12:00TriCities BlackElgin National OrangeElgin National 3 
9/9Sat12:00Elgin Classic MarinersStreamwood BombersDolphin-Plasky 
9/9Sat12:00Streamwood WildcatsStreamwood SlammersDolphin-Stark 
9/12Tue6:00Elgin Classic MarlinsStreamwood BombersDolphin-Plasky 
9/13Wed6:00Elgin National BlackElgin National OrangeElgin National 5 
9/16Sat12:00TriCities GoldElgin Classic MarlinsWing Park 
9/16Sat9:30Streamwood SlammersElgin Classic MarinersWing Park 
9/16Sat9:30Elgin Classic CubsTriCities BlackRandall Oaks-Field 4 
9/16Sat12:00Elgin National OrangeStreamwood BombersDolphin-Plasky 
9/16Sat2:30Elgin National BlackStreamwood WildcatsDolphin-Plasky 
9/19Tue6:00TriCities GoldStreamwood BombersDolphin-Plasky 
9/21Thu6:00Elgin Classic MarlinsStreamwood WildcatsDolphin-Plasky 
9/23Sat9:30Streamwood WildcatsElgin Classic CubsWing Park 
9/23Sat9:30Elgin Classic MarinersTriCities GoldRandall Oaks-Field 3 
9/23Sat9:30Streamwood BombersElgin National BlackElgin National 3 
9/23Sat12:00Elgin Classic MarlinsStreamwood SlammersDolphin-Plasky 
9/23Sat12:00TriCities BlackElgin National OrangeElgin National 3 
9/26Tue6:00Elgin Classic MarinersStreamwood SlammersDolphin-Plasky 
9/28Thurs 6:00TriCities Gold  Elgin National BlackElgin National 5 
9/30Sat9:30TriCities BlackElgin Classic MarlinsWing Park 
9/30Sat12:00Streamwood SlammersElgin Classic CubsWing Park 
9/30Sat9:30Streamwood BombersElgin National OrangeElgin National 5 
9/30Sat12:00Elgin Classic MarinersStreamwood WildcatsDolphin-Plasky 
9/30-CANCEL changed to 9/28Sat
TriCities GoldElgin National BlackElgin National 5 
10/3Tue6:00Elgin Classic CubsStreamwood WildcatsDolphin-Plasky 
10/7Sat9:30Elgin Classic MarlinsElgin Classic MarinersWing Park 
10/7Sat9:30TriCities GoldTriCities BlackRandall Oaks-Field 4 
10/7Sat9:30Streamwood WildcatsElgin National BlackElgin National 5 
10/7Sat2:30Elgin Classic CubsStreamwood SlammersDolphin-Plasky 



TCLL-Graphite (Minors)
Manager/Coach: Patterson
Asst. Coach: Manzanares
Asst. Coach: Vasquez
#1 Colen Patterson
#2 Fabian Manzanares Jr.
#3 Austin Seegers
#4 Nathan Bushy
#5 Cody Cerniglia
#6 Andrew Lea
#7 Kyle Brents
#8 Brady Delongchamp
#9 Max Domico
#10 Dominic Solesky
#11 LuisVasquez
TCLL-Black (Minors)
Manager/Coach: Biondo
Asst. Coach: Belmore
#42 Brett Biondo
#11 JD Belmore
#4 Liam Farrell
#9 Gavin Rork
#7 Ian Rork
#99 Brady Gesing
#17 Ethan Lloyd
#13 Evan Wojtowicz
#72 Jack George
#14 Jake Petruczenko
#12 Troy Rudd
TCLL-Gold (Minors)
Manager/Coach: McMahon
Asst. Coach: Harris
#1 Liam McMahon PP
#2 Aaden Colon
#3 Jowell Colon
#4 Eamon Smoron PP
#5 Kyle Gilligan
#6 Lucas Kalvelage
#7 Dylan Ramage
#8 Joseph Ristow
#9 Russ Kotlarz
#10 Roman Navarrete
#11 Anthony Salas
#12 Nicholas Harris
TCLL-White (Minors)
Manager/Coach: Hunsicker
Asst. Coach: Williams
Asst. Coach: Klancnik
#1 Gavin Hunsicker
#2 Hunter Williams
#3 Kia Klancnik
#4 Kaden Klancnik
#5 CJ Muskat
#6 James Tatroe
#7 Nolan Bluhm
#8 Adam Nebel
#9 Lukas Gober
#10 Ricky Marcial
#11 Jeffrey Kiehl
First team listed is Visitor second team listed is Home
schedule revised August 21 by District 13
8/26 Sat 9:30 Bartlett Lugnuts vs Streamwood Bombers 1 --Dolphin-Plasky
8/26 Sat 12:00 South Elgin Reds vs South Elgin White--Hansen Park
8/26 Sat 9:30 Streamwood Bombers 3 vs Bartlett Thunder --Koehler 2

8/26 Sat 9:30 South Elgin Grey vs TriCities Graphite --Randall Oaks-Field 2 (Score 10 to 9 TC)

8/26 Sat 9:30 South Elgin Black vs TriCities Black--Randall Oaks-Field 3
(Score 2 to 12 TC)
8/26 Sat 12:00 Bartlett Emeralds vs TriCities Gold --Randall Oaks-Field 2
(Score 17 to 0 TC)
8/26 Sat 12:00 Streamwood Bombers 1 vs TriCities White--Randall Oaks-Field 3
(Score 7 to 11 TC)
8/28 Mon 6:00 Streamwood Bombers3 vs Streamwood Bombers 1-- Dolphin-Plasky
8/28 Mon 5:45 South Elgin Black vs South Elgin White --Hansen Park
8/28 Mon 6:00 Streamwood Bombers 2 vs Bartlett Thunder--Koehler 1
8/28 Mon 5:45 TriCities Graphite vs TriCities Gold --Randall Oaks-Field 1-RAINED OUT Not Rescheduled Yet
8/28 Mon 5:45 TriCities White vsTriCities Black --Randall Oaks-Field 2-RAINED OUT Rescheduled for Mon Sept 18 5:45
8/30 Wed 6:00 Bartlett Lugnutsvs Streamwood Bombers 3--Dolphin-Plasky
8/30 Wed 6:00 South ElginBlack vs South ElginRed --Hansen Park
8/30 Wed 6:00 Bartlett Emeralds vs Bartlett Thunder --Koehler 1
8/30 Wed 5:45 TriCities Black vs TriCities Graphite -- Randall Oaks-Field 1-
8/30 Wed 5:45 TriCities White vs TriCities Gold --Randall Oaks-Field
(Score 2 to 8 TC White)
No Ump was scheduled for this game
9/6 Wed 6:00 TriCities Black vs Streamwood Bombers1 --Dolphin-Plasky
9/6 Wed 5:45 South Elgin Red vs South Elgin Grey--Hansen Park
9/6 Wed 6:00 TriCities Graphite vs Bartlett Lugnuts --Koehler 1
9/6 Wed 6:00 Streamwood Bombers 3 vs Bartlett Thunder --Kohler 2
9/7 Thu 6:00 Bartlett Emeralds vs South Elgin Black -- Hansen Park
9/9 Sat 9:30Bartlett Lugnutsvs Streamwood Bombers 3 --Dolphin-Plasky

9/9 Sat 2:30 Streamwood Bombers2 vs South Elgin Red--Hansen Park

9/9 Sat 9:30 South Elgin White vs South Elgin Grey--Hansen Park
9/9 Sat 12:00 Bartlett Thunder vs South Elgin Black--Hansen Park
9/9 Sat 12:00 Streamwood Bomber 1 vs Bartlett Emeralds --Koehler 2

9/9 Sat 9:30 TriCities White vs TriCities Graphite --Randall Oaks-Field 2
9/9 Sat 12:00 TriCities Gold vs TriCities Black --Randall Oaks-Field 4
9/11 Mon 6:00 TriCities Graphite vs Streamwood Bombers 2--Dolphin-Plasky
9/11 Mon 5:45 South Elgin White vs South Elgin Red --Hansen Park
9/11 Mon 6:00 TriCities Black vs Bartlett Lugnuts --Koehler 1
9/13 Wed 6:00 TriCities Gold vs Streamwood Bombers3-- Dolphin-Plasky
9/13 Wed 6:00 South Elgin Blackvs South Elgin Grey--Hansen Park
9/13 Wed 6:00 TriCities White vs Bartlett Lugnuts --Koehler 1
9/14 Thu 6:00 Streamwood Bombers 2 vs South Elgin White-- Hansen Park
9/16 Sat 9:30 Streamwood Bombers 2 vs Streamwood Bombers1 --Dolphin-Plasky
9/16 Sat 12:00 South Elgin Red vs South Elgin Black--Hansen Park
9/16 Sat 9:30 Streamwood Bombers 3 vs Bartlett Emeralds --Kohler 1
9/16 Sat 1:00 South Elgin White vs TriCities Graphite --Randall Oaks-Field 1
(Time was reschedule this field to 1:00 due to field overbooking)
9/16 Sat 9:30 South Elgin Grey vsTriCities Black -- Randall Oaks-Field 2
9/16 Sat 12:00 Bartlett Lugnuts vs TriCities Gold--Randall Oaks-Field 2
9/16 Sat 12:00 Bartlett Thunder vs TriCities White--Randall Oaks-Field 3
9/18 Mon 6:00 TriCitiesGold vs south Elgin White--Hansen Park
9/18 Mon 6:00 Streamwood Bombers 1vs Bartlett Thunder--Koehler 1
9/18 Mon 5:45 TriCities White vsTriCities Black --South End Park-(This is a Rescheduled 8/28 Rained-Out Game)

9/20 Wed 6:00 TriCities Black vs Streamwood Bombers2 --Dolphin-Plasky
9/20 Wed 6:00 TriCitiesWhite vs South ElginRed --Hansen Park
9/20 Wed 6:00 TriCities Graphite vs Bartlett Emeralds --Koehler 1
9/21 Thu 6:00 Bartlett Emeralds vs South Elgin Grey -- Hansen Park
9/23 Sat 9:30 Streamwood Bombers 2vs Bartlett Emeralds--Dolphin-Plasky
9/23 Sat 9:30 South Elgin Black vs South Elgin White--Hansen Park
9/23 Sat 12:00 Streamwood Bombers 1 vs Bartlett Lugnuts -- Kohler 2

9/23 Sat 9:30 Bartlett Thunder vs TriCities Gold --Randall Oaks-Field 1
9/23 Sat 9:30 Streamwood Bombers 3  vs TriCities Black --Randall Oaks-Field 2
9/23 Sat 12:00 South Elgin Red vs TriCities Graphite-- Randall Oaks-Field 1
9/23 Sat 12:00 South ElginGrey vs TriCities White --Randall Oaks-Field 2
9/25 Mon 6:00 TriCities White vs Streamwood Bombers 3 --Dolphin-Plasky
9/25 Mon 6:00 TriCities Gold vs South Elgin Grey --Hansen Park
9/25 Mon 6:00 Bartlett Thunder vs Bartlett Lugnuts -- Koehler 2

9/27 Wed 6:00 TriCitiesWhite vs Streamwood Bombers2 --Dolphin-Plasky

9/27 Wed 5:45 South Elgin Grey vs South Elgin Black-- Hansen Park
9/27 Wed 6:00 South Elgin Red vs Bartlett Emeralds --Koehler 2
9/30 Sat 9:30 Streamwood Bombers 2 vs Streamwood Bombers 3--Dolphin-Plasky
9/30 Sat 12:00 South Elgin Grey vs South Elgin Red -- Hansen Park

9/30 Sat 9:30 TriCities Black vs Bartlett Thunder- Koehler 1
9/30 Sat 9:30 Bartlett Emeralds vsBartlett Lugnuts--Koehler 2
9/30 Sat 9:30 South Elgin Black vs TriCities Graphite--Randall Oaks-Field 1
9/30 Sat 9:30 South Elgin White vs TriCities White --Randall Oaks-Field 2
9/30 Sat 12:00 Streamwood Bombers 1 vs TriCities Gold-- Randall Oaks-Field 1
10/2 Mon 6:00 Streamwood Bombers vs Streamwood Bombers --1 Dolphin-Plasky
10/2 Mon 6:00 TriCities Black vs South Elgin White-- Hansen Park
10/3 Tue 6:00 Bartlett Thunder vs Streamwood Bombers 2-- Dolphin-Stark
10/4 Wed 6:00 Tri-Cities White vs Streamwood Bombers 2- Dolphin Plasky

10/4 Wed 6:00 Tri-Cities Gold vs South Elgin Black-Hansen Park

10/4 Wed 6:00 South Elgin White vs Bartlett Emeralds-Koehler 2
10/7 Sat 9:30 Tri-Cities Graphite vs Streamwood Bombers 1- Dolphin-Plasky
10/7 Sat 12:00 South Elgin Black vs Streamwood Bombers 3- Dolphin-Plasky
10/7 Sat 9:30 South Elgin Grey vs South Elgin White- Hansen Park
10/7 Sat 2:30 Bartlett Lugnuts vs Bartlett Thunder- Koehler 1

10/7 Sat 9:30 Streamwood Bombers 2 vs TriCities Gold- Randall Oaks-Field 2
10/7 Sat 9:30 Bartlett Emeralds vs TriCities White- Randall Oaks-Field 3
10/7 Sat 12:00 South Elgin Red vs TriCities Black-Randall Oaks-Field 2

10/8 Mon 6:00 Streamwood Bombers 1 vs South Elgin Red-Hansen Park
10/10 Wed 6:00 Bartlett Lugnuts vs South Elgin Grey-Hansen Park


Tournament Stars October 11, 2017.

TCLL-Graphite (Majors)
Manager/Coach: Luna
Asst. Coach: Edlen
Asst. Coach: Dorman
Asst. Coach: Demitropolous
# 1 Xzavier Luna (PP)
# 2 Jack Dorman
# 3 Brighton Demitropoulos
# 4 Carter Grupp
# 5 Richard McNamara
# 6 Alexander Aguilar
# 7 Collin Einhorn
# 8 Adam Haak
# 9 Aiden Maloney
# 10 Ethan Faith (PP)
# 11 Payton Edlen
TCLL-Black (Majors)
Manager/Coach: Gutierrez
Asst. Coach: Shannon
Asst. Coach: Prestia
Asst. Coach: Findlay
# 1 Logan Gutierrez (PP)
# 2 Eddie Shannon
# 3 Jimmy Findlay
# 4 Eduardo Esparza
# 5 Brady McBreen
# 6 Michael Prestler (PP)
# 7 Jacob Toms
# 8 Ian Bury (PP)
# 9 Torey Prestia (PP)
# 10 Ryan Fulton (PP)
TCLL-Gold (Majors)
Manager/Coach: Tennyson
Asst. Coach: Drummond
# 19 Spencer Drummond (PP)
# 21 Spencer Tennyson (PP)
# 11 William Tennyson (PP)
# 4 Tyler Yu
# 35 Jake Casso
# 6 Sam Puleo
# 7 Jordan O'Connor
# 8 Anay Patel
# 9 Grant Wallin
# 10 Michael Smoron (PP)
DateDayTimeVisitorHomeLocation FINAL SCORE
08/26/17Sat2:45 TriCities BlackNorthwest DiamondbacksCambridge Lakes 3(TC wins 18 to 6)
08/26/17Sat10:00Northwest Red SoxElgin NationalElgin National 5 
08/26/17Sat10:00TriCities GoldElgin Classic CubsWing Park(TC wins 12 to 1) 
08/26/17Sat10:00Elgin Classic AstrosTriCities GraphiteRandall Oaks- Field 1(Elgin wins 20 to 10)
08/29/17Tue5:45Northwest DiamonbacksNorthwest Red SoxCambridge Lakes 3 
08/29/17  (date changed to 8/30)Tue5:45Elgin NationalTriCities GoldRandall Oaks (location changed to South End Park)(TC wins 16 to 0)
08/29/17Tue6:00Elgin Classic CubsElgin Classic AstrosWing Park 
08/31/17Thu5:45TriCities GraphiteNorthwest DiamondbacksCambridge Lakes 3 
08/31/17Thu5:45Northwest Red SoxTriCities BlackRandall Oaks-   Field 1(TC wins 12 to 5)
09/05/17Tue6:00Northwest DiamondbacksTriCities GoldMeadowdale 
09/05/17Tue6:00Northwest Red SoxElgin Classic CubsWing Park 
09/05/17Tue6:00Elgin Classic AstrosElgin NationalElgin National 5 
09/07/17Thu6:00TriCities GoldTriCities BlackMeadowdale 
09/09/17Sat2:45Elgin Classic CubsNorthwest DiamondbacksCambridge Lakes 3 
09/09/17Sat10:00TriCities BlackElgin NationalElgin National 5 
09/09/17Sat10:00TriCities GraphiteTriCities GoldRandall Oaks-Field 1 
09/09/17Sat10:00Elgin Classic AstrosNorthwest Red SoxCambridge Lakes 3 
09/11/17Mon6:00TriCities GoldTriCities BlackMeadowdale 
09/12/17Tue6:00Northwest DiamondbacksElgin Classic AstrosWing Park 
09/12/17Tue6:00Northwest Red SoxTriCities GraphiteMeadowdale 
09/12/17Tue6:00Elgin Classic CubsElgin NationalElgin National 5 
09/14/17Thu6:00TriCities GraphiteTriCities BlackMeadowdale 
09/16/17Sat3:00Elgin NationalNorthwest DiamondbacksCambridge Lakes 3 
09/16/17Sat10:00Elgin Classic AstrosTriCities GoldRandall Oaks-Field 1 
09/16/17Sat10:00TriCities GraphiteElgin Classic CubsWing Park 
09/16/17Sat10:00TriCities BlackNorthwest Red SoxCambridge Lakes 3 
09/19/17Tue6:00Northwest DiamondbacksTriCities GraphiteMeadowdale 
09/19/17Tue6:00Northwest Red SoxElgin Classic AstrosWing Park 
09/21/17Thu6:00Elgin NationalTriCities BlackMeadowdale 
09/21/17Thu6:00Elgin Classic AstrosElgin Classic CubsWing Park 
09/23/17Sat2:45TriCities GoldNorthwest DiamondbacksCambridge Lakes 3 
09/23/17Sat10:00TriCities BlackElgin Classic AstrosWing Park 
09/23/17Sat10:00TriCities GraphiteElgin NationalElgin National 5 
09/23/17Sat10:00Elgin Classic CubsNorthwest Red SoxCambridge Lakes 3 
09/26/17Tue6:00Northwest DiamondbacksElgin Classic CubsWing Park 
09/26/17Tue6:00Northwest Red SoxTriCities GoldMeadowdale 
09/28/17Thu6:00Elgin NationalElgin Classic AstrosWing Park 
09/28/17Thu6:00TriCities BlackTriCities GraphiteMeadowdale 
09/30/17Sat10:00TriCities GoldNorthwest Red SoxCambridge Lakes 3 
09/30/17Sat10:00Elgin NationalElgin Classic CubsWing Park 
Time Changed to 3:00
TriCities GraphiteElgin Classic AstrosWing Park 
10/03/17Tue6:00Northwest DiamondbacksElgin NationalElgin National 5 
10/03/17Tue6:00Elgin Classic CubsTriCities GraphiteMeadowdale 
10/05/17Thu6:00TriCities BlackTriCities GoldMeadowdale 
10/07/17Sat2:45Elgin Classic AstrosNorthwest DiamondbacksCambridge Lakes 3 
10/07/17Sat10:00Elgin Classic CubsTriCities BlackRandall Oaks-Field 1 
10/07/17Sat12:30TriCities GoldTriCities GraphiteRandall Oaks-Field 1 
10/07/17Sat10:00Elgin NationalNorthwest Red SoxCambridge Lakes 3 


Information for Softball Coaches/Managers League Resources

District 13 Contact Information

TCLL-Black (Minors A Softball) Schedule Released August 20, 2017-see below

Manager/Coach: Cawley
Asst. Coach: Westland
Asst. Coach: Hoch
Asst. Coach: St. Leger
#1 Dani Cawley
#2 Addison Edlen
#3 Alexa Schuring
#4 Molly Hoch
#5 Addison St. Leger
#6 Avery St. Leger
#7 Nancy Arvizo
#8 Hannah Goshen
#9 Mackenzie MacDonald
#11 Alyssa Seyller
#12 Abigail Taylor
#13 Reese Westland

Notes: 10 Softball Teams Competing in Minors A division for 2017 Fall Ball
(Elgin Classic1 team, Huntley 4 teams, Kaneland 3 teams, Northwest 1 team, Tri-Cities 1 team)
To contact the coaches Tri-Cities Black will be competing against, click on links below.
NorthwestCoach Aaron Neal, KanelandTeam 1 Matt Fleshman,Kaneland Team 2 Laura Nussle, Kaneland Team 3 Tony Barkowiak, Elgin Classic Jenn Schumacher, Huntley Orange Eric Hartmann, Huntley Lime Green Kevin Weniger, Huntley Columbia Blue Jacqui Hobday, Huntley PowerPinkDon Cronin
Schedule for Softball Minor A Fall Ball
8/26Sat10:00 AMHuntley Power PinkKaneland #3John Stewart Elementary School North
8/26Sat10:00 AM Huntley Columbia Blue Kaneland #1John Stewart Elementary School South
8/26Sat10:00 AM NorthwestHuntley OrangeTomaso C
8/26Sat12:15 PMTriCities Black Huntley Lime GreenTomaso A
8/26Sat12:15 PM Kaneland #2 Elgin ClassicWing Park
8/29Tue6:00 PMHuntley Power Pink NorthwestCambridge Lakes
8/29Tue6:00 PM Kaneland #1 Kaneland #2John Stewart Elementary School North
8/29Tue6:00 PM Huntley Columbia BlueTriCities BlackRandall Oaks #Field 3
8/29Tues6:00 PM Huntley Orange Huntley Lime GreenTomaso A
8/31Thurs6:00 PM Kaneland #2 Kaneland #3John Stewart Elementary School North
8/31Thurs6:00 PM Elgin Classic Kaneland #1John Stewart Elementary School South
8/31Thurs6:00 PMNorthwest Huntley Lime GreenTomaso A
9/5Tues6:00 PMKaneland #1Kaneland #2John Stewart Elementary School North
9/7Thurs6:00 PMKaneland #3NorthwestCambridge Lakes
9/7Thurs6:00 PMHuntley Columbia BlueHuntley OrangeTomaso A
9/9Sat10:00 AMNorthwestKaneland #3John Stewart Elementary School South
9/9Sat10:00 AMKaneland #1TriCities BlackRandall Oaks #Field 3
9/9Sat10:00 AMElgin ClassicHuntley Power PinkTomaso B
9/9Sat10:00 AMKaneland #2Huntley Columbia BlueTomaso C
9/9Sat12:15 PMHuntley Lime GreenHuntley OrangeTomaso A
9/12Tue6:00 PMHuntley OrangeTriCities BlackRandall Oaks #3
9/12Tue6:00 PMHuntley Columbia BlueHuntley Power PinkTomaso A
9/14Thurs6:00 PMKaneland #3Kaneland #1John Stewart Elementary School North
9/16Sat10:00 AMElgin ClassicNorthwestCambridge Lakes
9/16Sat10:00 AMHuntley Lime GreenKaneland #2John Stewart Elementary School South
9/16/Sat10:00 AMKaneland #3TriCities BlackRandall Oaks #3
9/16Sat12:15 PMHuntley Power PinkKaneland #1John Stewart Elementary School North
9/19Tues6:00 PMHuntley OrangeHuntley Power PinkTomaso A
9/19Tues6:00 PMNorthwestHuntley Columbia BlueTomaso B
9/21Thurs6:00 PMKaneland #3Huntley Lime GreenTomaso A
9/21Thurs6:00 PMTriCities BlackElgin ClassicWing Park
9/23Sat10:00 AMTriCities BlackKaneland #2John Stewart Elementary School South
9/23Sat10:00 AMKaneland #3Huntley Columbia BlueTomaso B
9/23Sat10:00 AMKaneland #1 NorthwestTuscany Field
9/23Sat10:00 AMHuntley Lime Green Elgin ClassicWing Park
9/26Tue6:00 PMTriCities Black Huntley Power PinkTomaso A
9/26Tue6:00 PMHuntley OrangeElgin ClassicWing Park
9/28Thurs6:00 PMHuntley Lime GreenHuntley Columbia BlueTomaso A
9/30Sat10:00 AMNorthwestKaneland #2John Stewart Elementary School North
9/30Sat10:00 AMElgin ClassicKaneland #3John Stewart Elementary School South
9/30Sat10:00 AMHuntley Power PinkTriCities BlackRandall Oaks #3
9/30Sat12:15 PMKaneland #1Huntley OrangeTomaso A
10/3Tue6:00 PMHuntley Power PinkHuntley Lime GreenTomaso A
10/3Tue6:00 PMKaneland #2Huntley OrangeTomaso B
10/3Tue6:00 PMHuntley Columbia BlueElgin ClassicWing Park
10/7Sat10:00 AMTriCities BlackNorthwestCambridge Lakes
10/7Sat10:00 AMHuntley OrangeKaneland #3John Stewart Elementary School South
10/7Sat10:00 AMKaneland #2Huntley Power PinkTomaso C
10/7Sat12:15 PMHuntley Lime GreenKaneland #1John Stewart Elementary School North
10/7Sat12:15 PMElgin ClassicHuntley Columbia BlueTomaso A

ABOUT FALL BALL 2017: TCLL Fall Ball is a chance for the players to play in the division they will be at for the 2018 Spring Season.

Fall Ball games are against other leagues in District 13. All games are scheduled by our district. Fall Ball registration will be open mid-July until the beginning of August. Games should start mid-August and go through mid-October. Practice will be scheduled by the coaches. The focus of Fall Ball is on skill building, instruction and of course, having fun.

All inquiries for Fall Ball program are directed to Linda Prestia [email protected]

Log into your account and register for Fall Ball at this link:

2017 Baseball FallBall Season Important Dates and Season Information:

Dates: REVISED as of August 5, 2017

  • August 11th, final team information due from leagues
  • August 18th, schedules to be completed by district
  • August 14th, D13 Fall Ball Rep meeting
  • August 26th, season start date
  • October 11th, season end date
  • October 13 or 14, Division tournaments begin

Season Games and Division Age Setup:

  • District will create a 12 game Metro schedule for the divisions listed below as long as there is enough participation. 
  • AAA - ages 8-11 as of 4/30/18
  • Majors - ages 10-12 as of 4/30/18
  • Intermediate - ages 10-13 as of 4/30/18
  • Juniors - ages 13-14 as of 4/30/18
  • Senior / Big League - ages 15-18 as of 4/30/18
Juniors and Seniors may be combined depending upon interest.

Fall Ball Season Rules

2017 Softball FallBall Season

  •  The Fall Ball or Second Season is great way for girls to get an additional softball season during the year. The FallBall season is structured in an educational and instructional format for the players. It is an opportunity for players to play up into the division that they will be playing in for the upcoming summer season and provide them some experience in that division prior to the season starting.

    Overview of the 2017 Softball FallBall Season


    Minor B - 8 game season
    Minor A, Majors, Juniors, & Seniors - 12 game season
  • *(Minors- likely A&B will be combined unless there are enough teams to separate)
  • Games will start on Saturday August 26th
    Games will mainly be played on1 game during the week and 1 game on the Weekend
    Games will be scheduled starting at 10:00am on Saturdays and scheduled for no earlier than 1:00pm on Sundays
    Labor Day weekend will be Blacked Out

    Reference Documents:

    Field Addresses
    Overview of Rules