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Tri-Cities Little League

Dundee Senior Softball League

DUNDEE SENIOR SOFTBALL LEAGUE is always looking for NEW players!

Dundee Senior Softball League
is open to any male or female senior 55+ from area communities who enjoy playing softball (with senior rules). There are over 30+ members currently who play during the week.

For information on dates and times to drop-in to play at the Randall Oaks Recreational Center playing fields, contact Mike Contreras at the Dundee Township Park District. 

Dundee Senior Softball League (DSSL) Background Information:

Dundee Senior Softball League planted roots at West Dundee's Randall Oaks Recreational Center playing fields in 2016.

TCLL Alumni and current Dundee Senior Softball league player Wayne L. Weber, who retired in 1999, was looking to rekindle his baseball playing days after receiving invites to participate in Senior Softball Leagues in distant communities. (He was one of the first Tri-Cities Little League players in the league that launched in Meadowdale in 1953.)

"After calling several local park districts, I found that they did not have senior softball as a program. So I joined in Palatine," said Weber, who found the driving distance time consuming.

Weber later met Ken Lavand and discussed the possibility to launch a Senior-based league in the Huntley area. Together, they sparked the creation of Senior Softball in 2002.

However, it wasn't until 2016 they contacted Dundee Township Park District at Randall Oaks and officially called Dundee their league home base.

Weber reiterated that Dundee Township Park District offered their league players a fair price to use the fields, which they found to be optimal for the hitting they were doing.

"The West Dundee fields at RORC were perfect for us! So here we are," said Weber. He cited the fact that the park district was very accommodating and helpful and that the fields had a skinned infield and fencing with proper distance.

Dundee Senior Softball currently has players from different communities, including Schaumburg, Sycamore, Fox Lake, as well as West Dundee.

"Our league is a drop-in program. We pick new teams every time we play. Just like when we were kids," said Mike Dyrek, an active member of the senior league.

"We also welcome new members regardless of talent. Whether you 're a serious competitor or just out to have fun, our league accommodates everyone," Dyrek said.

Tri-Cities Little League has always appreciated how Dundee Seniors playing on the fields encompass a passion for the game and bring life to the fields when the kids are at school or weekday mornings.